MN GOP Chairman David Hann on The DFL’s Latest False, Partisan Attacks

Edina, MN – The Republican Party of Minnesota released the following statement on the DFL’s latest false, partisan attacks:

“The latest fantastical hyperventilation by the Democrat Party would be laughable but for the fact that they are using false and disingenuous language to accuse Republicans of encouraging violence. It is a sad example of the DFL trying to distract the public from the abject failures in governance by Democrats under President Biden in D.C. and Gov. Tim Walz here in Minnesota.

“But rather than try to out-do Democrats’ demagoguery, we remind Minnesotans that there is an election in November. The DFL excused a complete breakdown in public safety in Minnesota, bringing about a record-setting crime spree amid the radical left’s calls to ‘defund the police’. Their failure to provide the most basic function of government – public safety – is reason enough for the public to vote them out. Minnesotans want to live their lives without fear of carjackings, robberies, and shootings.

“Governor Walz’s unilateral dictates and governing via executive order resulted in the massive disruption of Minnesota families’ lives. He decimated small businesses across the state and shut down schools, doing great harm to children’s education and their futures. And Walz’ national Democrat allies pursue reckless spending policies driving up inflation, bringing economic devastation through rising prices, supply chain crises, workforce shortages and more, with no end in sight.

“Minnesota deserves better than a continuation of DFL governance that specializes in dividing citizens by creating a false ‘us vs. them’ mentality. Minnesota families should not have to worry about their children playing in their yards or attending school. Minnesota families should be confident they will be able to provide for their children and not see their budgets eaten up by government-created inflation. Minnesota families should be able to have a strong voice in their children’s education. These are the goals Republicans are committed to. We are looking toward a better future. All the Democrats have to offer is demagoguery, failed policies and extremist rhetoric.” – Republican Party of Minnesota Chairman David Hann