2022 MNGOP State Convention Endorses Kim Crockett For Secretary of State

Rochester, MN – The Republican Party of Minnesota’s 2022 State Convention endorsed Kim Crockett for secretary of state.

“I’m pleased to accept the Republican party’s endorsement and honored to have won the confidence of all the people who support me to go forward and win in November. My heart is full of gratitude to everyone who joined me in this battle to restore the public’s trust in our elections. The hardest work is yet ahead because the corporate media refuses to acknowledge or rationally discuss reasonable concerns and objections held by many citizens to Minnesota’s election laws and the policies adopted in 2020 under the guise of COVID. Instead, the “media” and the DNC machine try to shut down the conversation by labeling us “election deniers.” The Republican Party of Lincoln champions the First Amendment, including the right to vote and an open marketplace of ideas. Republicans will attract new voters by offering common sense solutions about the many challenges we face. I am prepared to wake up, every day, give it everything I have and, God willing, celebrate a fresh start for Minnesotans in November.” – Kim Crockett, endorsed Republican candidate for Minnesota Secretary of State