MNGOP Statement on Attorney General’s Race

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – The Republican Party of Minnesota released the statement below in response to Doug Wardlow’s decision to continue his campaign for attorney general:

“Not only did Doug Wardlow publicly commit to abiding by the party’s endorsement, Wardlow promised the MNGOP Nominations Committee that he would abide by the party’s endorsement. At the time, we assumed Doug Wardlow to be sincere, but sadly it seems it was an empty promise. We ask Doug Wardlow to honor the commitment he made to delegates and respect their decision by ending his campaign for Attorney General. If he does not, the Republican Party of Minnesota is 100 percent committed to defending our endorsement in the primary.” – Republican Party of Minnesota Executive Director Mike Lonergan


Wardlow Promises Podcast Host He Will “Absolutely” Abide by Endorsement
Host: “First Doug, you abiding by the endorsement?” Wardlow: “Yes, absolutely I will abide by the endorsement.”

(“Attorney General Candidate Doug Wardlow — Jack Tomczak Podcast,”, 12:40, Feb. 14., 2022)