Statement from MN GOP Chairman David Hann

Minneapolis, MN – Please see the statement below from MN GOP Chairman David Hann: “After speaking with staff from the Jewish Community Relations Council of Minnesota and the Dakotas (JCRC) we understand that the use of imagery depicting Mr. Soros as a puppet-master at our state convention raised concerns that the imagery perpetuated an antisemitic trope. The MN GOP strongly condemns the rise of antisemitism in recent years from all corners, including on both sides of the political aisle. 
“We wish to assure the JCRC and our friends in the broader Jewish community that the image was not intended to invoke hostility toward the Jewish people. It should not have happened, we apologize, and are committed to working with the JCRC to educate our staff and candidates on antisemitism. 
“As discussed with the JCRC, I have concluded after talking with Ms. Crockett that the depiction of Mr. Soros was not intended as antisemitic, and that neither Ms. Crockett nor her creative team were aware that the depiction of a puppet-master invokes an old but persistent antisemitic trope. 
“I am grateful to the JCRC for coming to me directly with these concerns as this is the best way for us as community leaders to learn from one another so we can avoid misunderstandings in the future. 
“We are entering what will certainly be a tumultuous and ugly election season. We value our friendship with the JCRC and hope we can work together to promote civility, peace and tolerance of different faiths and political perspectives in Minnesota.” – Republican Party of Minnesota Chairman David Hann