MN GOP on Walz & Hortman’s Press Conference to Dole Out Taxpayer Cash for Votes

Minneapolis, MN – The Republican Party of Minnesota released the statement below on Tim Walz and Melissa Hortman’s press conference today:

“Tim Walz, Melissa Hortman, and the Democrats have a record of tax hikes, increased spending, and government mandates. Their press conference today is just a desperate attempt to buy voters with taxpayer dollars. The time to deliver relief was during the session, and neither Walz nor Hortman ever considered bills to cut taxes for hard-working Minnesotans. On their watch, Minnesota remains one of the highest taxed states in the country. We need to elect Dr. Scott Jensen for governor and a Republican majority to the state legislature to enact real, meaningful reform that will cut taxes for everyday Minnesotans.” – Republican Party of Minnesota Chairman David Hann

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