MN GOP Condemns Rampant Lawlessness in Downtown Minneapolis over Independence Day

Minneapolis, MN – Following news reports of yet another dangerous display of lawlessness in Downtown Minneapolis, the Republican Party of Minnesota issued the following statement: 

“This is another dangerous display of lawlessness thanks to the failed policies and lack of leadership from Democrats like Tim Walz, Keith Ellison, and Jacob Frey. The Democrats’ repeated cries to defund the police and their failure to act on critical public safety measures have turned Minnesota’s largest city and surrounding communities into places where criminals feel emboldened to attack and injure law enforcement officers and the public, creating more chaos in our streets. This is unacceptable. Minnesotans deserve leaders that will crack down on violent criminals, support law enforcement, and make our communities safer.” – Republican Party of Minnesota Communications Director Nick Majerus

This comes following recent national news highlighting Minnesota’s crime wave under Democrat rule spilling out into suburbs.

News Background

Criminals shooting fireworks terrorized Downtown Minneapolis Late Monday Night and into Early Tuesday Morning

“At least one person was jailed and another injured after passengers in vehicles shot fireworks at buildings and people for hours early Tuesday in a densely populated area of downtown Minneapolis.” (Star-Tribune, Paul Walsh, Fireworks shot at vehicles, buildings, people for hours overnight in downtown Minneapolis, 7/5/22)

National News Recently Highlights Minnesota’s Crime Wave Under Democrat Rule

“Crime is spilling into some Minneapolis suburbs and causing anxiety among residents, a recent data analysis found.” (FOX News, Emma Colton, Crime spills into dozens of Minneapolis suburbs, sparking fear among residents, 6/16/22)

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