MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Days after banning gas-powered cars, California is pushing drivers not to charge electric vehicles in the face of looming energy blackouts. Gov. Tim Walz has tied Minnesota’s vehicle standards to California’s, and power companies in the Midwest have warned of energy shortages due to rising costs.

“Minnesotans are struggling under President Biden, Gov. Walz, and the Democrats’ failed energy policies and extremist agenda. Biden campaigned on abolishing fossil fuels and Walz pushes the same extremist agenda – raise prices, decrease supply, and force consumers to suffer. Walz tying Minnesota to California’s disastrous regulations is further proof that Minnesota can’t afford the Democrats’ extremist policies. We need to elect Dr. Scott Jensen governor and Republicans to Congress and the State Legislature to enact commonsense policies that will lower energy costs for struggling Minnesotans.” – Republican Party of Minnesota Communications Director Nick Majerus

News Background

Following the ban on gas-powered cars, California is pushing drivers not to charge electric vehicles in the face of looming blackouts.

“Days ago, officials in California unveiled a plan to phase out new gas-powered cars. Now, officials are asking residents to avoid charging their electric vehicles in the interest of not overwhelming the power grid.” (Daily Wire, Ben Zeisloft, California Asks Residents To Avoid Charging Electric Vehicles Due To Blackout Risk Days After Unveiling New Gas Car Ban, 8/31/22)

California has approved rules to ban the use of gasoline-powered cars

“California on Thursday approved regulations banning the sale of new gasoline-powered cars and trucks by 2035…” (Wall Street Journal, Mike Colias & Christine Mai-Duc, California Approves Rules to Ban Gasoline-Powered Cars by 2035, 8/25/22)

News reports forecast more rising energy prices and supply shortages for consumers this summer.

“The power grid operator in the Central United States warned on Friday that problems it may experience keeping the lights on this summer could also occur during the summers of 2023, 2024 and beyond. The region’s grid operator, Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO), has already warned of potential capacity shortfalls and other reliability concerns in parts of its territory this summer.” (Reuters, U.S. Midwest may have summer power shortages for years, 6/10/22)

Gov. Tim Walz issued an executive order tying Minnesota’s emission standards to California.

“Minnesota is the latest state — and the first in the Midwest — to adopt California’s stricter tailpipe emissions standards and mandate for automakers to get more zero-emission vehicles onto sales lots.” (Star Tribune, Jennifer Bjorhus, Minnesota adopts clean cars standard that require more electric vehicles, 7/27/22)

Gov. Tim Walz continued to urge Congress to push policies that drive up energy costs.

“Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz joined 21 other leaders last week in calling on Congress to “take immediate action” on climate and clean energy.” (Star Tribune, Walz among governors pushing Congress on climate package, 6/11/22)

President Joe Biden campaigned promising to abolish fossil fuels.

“I want you to look at my eyes. I guarantee you. I guarantee you. We’re going to end fossil fuel.” – Joe Biden (Associated Press, In intimate moment, Biden vows to ‘end fossil fuel’, 09/06/2019)

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