MN GOP Calls Out Gov. Tim Walz’s Massive Violent Crime Wave

Minneapolis, MN – The Republican Party of Minnesota issued the following statement in response to Gov. Tim Walz’s Administration’s 2021 Uniform Crime Report:

“Murder, robbery – even assaults against law enforcement officers and more are on the rise because of Gov. Tim Walz and the Democrats’ failed policies, hostile rhetoric, and lack of leadership. Voters are living this nightmare in the Twin Cities Metro Area and Greater Minnesota alike. While Walz may try to hide his disastrous record with a Friday news dump, Republicans won’t let him get away with it. Minnesota deserves better and we are looking forward to making Tim Walz a one-term governor in November.” – Republican Party of Minnesota Executive Director Mike Lonergan

Late Friday afternoon, Walz’s administration released the 2021 Uniform Crime Report. The report details massive increases in violent crime under Gov. Tim Walz, including:

  • 21.6 percent increase in violent crime – including a 16 percent increase across Greater Minnesota and a 23.9 percent increase in the Twin Cities Metro Area
  • 8.65 percent increase in murders
  • 8.5 percent increase in motor vehicle thefts – for the highest total since 2001
  • 35 percent increase in assaults on peace officers since 2020

For more information on the massive increase in violent crime under Gov. Tim Walz, click here. For an even bigger list of the many failures under Gov. Tim Walz’s disastrous administration, visit

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