December’s State Central Committee meeting will be scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 3 in St. Cloud.

The meeting will be held in the Auditorium at St. Cloud Tech High School, 4200 33rd St S St. Cloud, MN 56301.

The tentative schedule, subject to approval by the Rules Committee, will be:

9 AM – Registration

11 AM – Gavel In

Please be advised that this information, as well as additional agenda items, are tentative and subject to approval by relevant committees and the body.

Below is additional information regarding the elections for officer elections that will occur at this meeting.

Click here for the 2022 Republican Party of Minnesota State Party Officer Nominating Petition Form

Party Officer Descriptions

Chair – The Chair serves as the chief executive officer of the Republican Party of Minnesota.

Deputy Chair – In the case of the Chair’s absence or disability, and during the period of a temporary vacancy pending election of their successor, the Deputy Chair shall preside at all State Central Committee meetings and shall perform all other duties of the Chair.

Secretary – The Secretary shall be responsible for preparing and publishing the minutes of the State Conventions, State Central Committee meetings and State Executive Committee meetings

2022 MN GOP December State Central Committee Officer Elections Procedure

Candidates for Republican Party of Minnesota officer positions of Chair, Deputy Chair or Secretary must follow the following steps:

Step 1Public Declaration of Candidacy

Candidates for the offices of Chair, Deputy Chair or Secretary must publicly declare themselves as a candidate for the respective office they are seeking via a public announcement such as a publicly available Twitter or Facebook post, a press release or a news article.

Step 2Submission of Resume and Qualifications

Candidates must submit a resume and qualifications to the Republican Party of Minnesota Political Director Andy Aplikowski ([email protected]) for forwarding to the nominations committee.

Step 3Sign and Complete Up-to-date List Agreement

To receive access to the SCC delegate/alternate list, candidates for party offices of Chair, Deputy Chair and Secretary must have completed, signed and returned an up-to-date list agreement on file with the MN GOP office.

In addition, all candidates wishing to access the list must also be a registered Minnesota voter.

Step 4Circulate Petitions

Once a properly signed, up-to-date list agreement is on file with the MN GOP office, candidates will receive access to the delegate & alternate list. Candidates will then circulate petitions for signatures as provided for by the MN GOP bylaws and the Nominations Committee

Step 5Meet with Nominations Committee

After following the previous steps, candidates for MN GOP officer positions will be required to meet with the Nominations Committee for an interview as provided for by the Nominations Committee and the MN GOP Bylaws.

***The deadline for candidates to fulfill the nominations requirement shall be 5 PM CST Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2022.

***Please be advised that this process is subject to change based on the work of relevant committees such as Nominations, Rules and others.