MINNEAPOLIS, MN – As the Minnesota DFL Party prepares to host U.S. House Democrat Leader Hakeem Jeffries for their fundraiser tonight, The Republican Party of Minnesota reminds voters of his long history of antisemitism, bigoted rhetoric and denying and questioning the legitimacy of national elections.

“During last year’s campaign, Democrats up and down the ticket told Minnesota voters that democracy, decency and honesty were on the ballot. Yet tonight they are proudly platforming a speaker with a long history of making and defending antisemitic and hateful speech – and lying about it for years – and undermining confidence in the integrity of national elections. Is this what the Democrat Party stands for? Minnesota’s voters deserve to know, and every elected Democrat in the state needs to answer this question.” – Republican Party of Minnesota Executive Director Mike Lonergan


In 2022, Democrats up and down the ticket told Minnesotans that democracy, decency and civility were on the ballot

  • “Make no mistake: Democracy is on the ballot for all of us…” – President Joe Biden (Susan Milligan, U.S. News & World Report, Biden: ‘Make No Mistake: Democracy Is on the Ballot’, 11/2/22)
  • “Compassion and decency are on the ballot.” – Gov Tim Walz (Minnesota DFL Party, Twitter, 11/5/22)
  • “We’re fighting for honesty, decency, and compassion.” – Minnesota DFL Party (Minnesota DFL Party, Twitter, 11/5/22)

U.S. House Democrat Leader Hakeem Jeffries Headlines the MN DFL’s 2023 Humphrey-Mondale Dinner on Sat., May 6

“Today, the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party is proud to announce House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries will headline the DFL Party’s 11th annual Humphrey-Mondale Dinner on Saturday, May 6th, 2023.” (Minnesota DFL Party, House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries to Headline DFL Party’s 11th Annual Humphrey-Mondale Dinner, 3/27/23)

Jeffries defended his uncle’s antisemitic speech and lied about it for years

“Democratic House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries is under fire following the resurfacing of a decades-old college opinion article that saw him defend his antisemitic uncle.” (Aila Slisco, Hakeem Jeffries Under Fire for Defending Antisemitic Uncle, Newsweek, 4/13/23)

Jeffries called Black conservatives “House Negroes”

“‘The House Negro of the slavery era and the Black conservative of today are both opportunists interested in securing some measure of happiness for themselves within the existing social order. In both cases, the social order has Blacks occupying the lowest societal echelon,’ wrote Jeffries.’ (Andrew Kaczynski & Em Steck, Hakeem Jeffries’ ‘vague recollection’ of controversy surrounding his uncle undermined by college editorial defending him, CNN, 4/12/23)

Rep. Jeffries has called the 2016 election “rigged” 

“CIA concludes Russia released stolen docs to hurt HRC & help Trump. Apparently it pays to play footsie with Putin #Rigged” (Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, Twitter, 12/10/16) 

Rep. Jeffries has called the 2016 election “fake” 

“More evidence emerges that Russia/Trump campaign colluded to elect #FakePresident. What a DISGRACE” (Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, Twitter, 3/22/17) 

Rep. Jeffries has called the 2016 election “illegitimate” 

““The more we learn about 2016 election the more ILLEGITIMATE it becomes. America deserves to know whether we have a FAKE President in the Oval Office #RussianInterference” (Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, Twitter, 2/16/18) 

News reports also show at least 100 times that Rep. Jeffries outright denied or otherwise questioned the legitimacy of the 2016 U.S. presidential election. 

“Election denier Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) attacked democracy at least 100 times by questioning the integrity of American elections, according to Republican National Committee’s research exclusively obtained by Breitbart News.” (Breitbart News, 100 Times Election Denier Hakeem Jeffries Declared Election Results Were Fake, Artificial, Illegitimate, 12/9/22) 

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