Senator Grant Hauschild Fined for Overspending in Crucial Senate Race

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – The Campaign Finance Board has fined Senator Grant Hauschild for overspending by $4,000 in his 2022 State Senate election. Candidates who agree to accept the public subsidies for their race also agree to strict spending limits. 

Republican Party of Minnesota Chairman David Hann released the following statement:

“This campaign violation of overspending isn’t a big surprise after Grant Hauschild voted like a big-spending liberal as a Senator. He overspent to get elected, and then he overspent your tax money and voted to raise taxes to make up the difference. In a race decided by less than 1%, $4,000 in illegal spending can go a long way.  

“Hauschild campaigned as a moderate promising to lower the cost of living for Iron Range families and now we see his reckless campaign spending carried over to his work as a Senator. Despite his campaign promises to lower taxes, Hauschild failed to deliver on eliminating the Social Security tax and instead voted with urban progressive Democrats to spend the entire $18 billion surplus, increase government spending by 38%, and raise taxes by $9 billion through higher fees on working families. 

“Northern Minnesotans deserve a Senator who will not only respect the election and campaign laws of our state, but also respect the hard-earned paychecks of working Minnesotans.”

– Republican Party of Minnesota Chairman David Hann

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