MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Republican Party of Minnesota Chairman David Hann issued the following statement on Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN) voting against a bi-partisan resolution condemning Hamas’ use of human shields:

“Congresswoman Omar’s failure to vote against the use of human shields by Hamas is appalling, and it clearly shows she is unwilling to uphold the values of human rights and ensure the protection of civilians caught in the crossfire of the Israeli-Hamas War. The use of human shields by Hamas is a reprehensible tactic that flagrantly disregards the fundamental principles of humanity and puts innocent lives at risk.

The deliberate and callous placement of military assets by Hamas within civilian-populated areas, such as hospitals, schools, and neighborhoods, is an egregious violation of international humanitarian law and a grave threat to innocent lives. 

Over 400 members of Congress – both Democrats and Republicans – voted to send a strong bi-partisan message in opposition to Hamas’ use of human shields. Congresswoman Omar was the only member of Congress from Minnesota to vote against this resolution, and Minnesotans should never forget her vote against condemning a terrorist group’s abhorrent practice of using human shields.”