For Immediate Release: March 6, 2024

Contact: Anna Mathews [email protected]

MINNEAPOLIS, MN — Republican Party of Minnesota Chairman David Hann congratulates President Donald Trump on his victory in Minnesota on Super Tuesday. Twenty seven of Minnesota’s thirty nine delegates will be bound to President Trump at the national convention in Milwaukee, and twelve will be unbound following the suspension of Ambassador Haley’s campaign. 

The strong showing of “uncommitted” voters in the DFL primary and the coordinated effort supported by several elected DFLers through underscore Joe Biden’s lack of support in our state. Congressman Dean Phillips’ campaign—though suspended—also points to serious issues for Biden in Minnesota. 

As we approach the general election, the stark contrast between Biden’s policies and Trump’s successful, pro-growth strategies becomes even more evident. With more Minnesotans showing up to support Trump than Biden, it is evident that voters understand this contrast. 

Biden’s tenure has been marred by high inflation, an unsecured border, and a perceived weakness abroad, sharply contrasting to the strength and economic prosperity Minnesotans experienced under President Trump. 

Minnesotans are ready to turn the page on Joe Biden to the pro-growth policies of Donald Trump. We look forward to helping President Trump achieve victory in November.