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Primary Election Date: August 9, 2022
District: Minnesota’s First Congressional District
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Brad Finstad’s interests align with those of Southern Minnesota. He has a proven track record of public service and leadership:

“Brad is a graduate of the University of Minnesota with a degree in Agriculture Education with emphasis in Rural Leadership Development. His prior positions include serving as Executive Director of the Minnesota Turkey Growers Association, Executive Director of the Center for Rural Policy & Development, Area Director with the Minnesota Farm Bureau, and three terms representing Brown, Watonwan, and Redwood counties in the Minnesota House of Representatives (campaign website).”

“Brad is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, defending the unborn, and keeping government out of the way so entrepreneurs, farmers, and small businesses can thrive (campaign website).”  

Trump Administration Appoints Brad Finstad to Serve as State Director for USDA Rural Development in Minnesota

Brad Finstad Supports Prioritizing his District and his Country First

Brad Finstad has a career history in supporting America First Republicans, and has put his money where his mouth is to elect Republican candidates.



Brad Finstad is consistent and transparent about where he stands on the issues:

Brad Finstad is Pro-Gun
“Brad Finstad firmly supports Americans Second Amendment rights and strongly defend them in Congress. He will oppose any liberal efforts to restrict your access to guns.”

Brad Finstad is Pro-Life
“We must protect human life no matter how small. Brad is proud to defend the sanctity of life and he will fight to protect all unborn human beings.”

Brad Finstad is Pro-Family
“Brad will work to defend family values and protect parents’ rights. He will fight against any government attempt to takeover parents’ responsibility to raise their children.”

Endorsed by Minnesota Citizens Concerned For Life (MCCL)

Endorsed by National Right to Life

Brad Finstad is Pro-Freedom
“Government exists to protect our freedoms, not take them away. Brad will work to restore our freedoms and will always fight back against efforts to make Americans less free.”

Endorsed by Americans for Prosperity

Endorsed by Congresswoman Michelle Fischbach

Endorsed by Congressman Pete Stauber


Brad Finstad won by Majority:

Brad Finstad won the Republican Primary with 13,695 votes, beating out Republican candidate Jeremy Munson.

Jeremy Munson conceded to Brad Finstad in Press Release: 

“To Brad Finstad, I would like to congratulate you on your win. I wish you and your family the best and would like to offer my support to your campaign in the race for the August special general. Conservatives must rally behind Brad to keep this seat in Republican hands, so we can fight for a better future filled with opportunities, defend our Constitutional rights, liberties, and freedoms, and turn this country around by addressing the out-of-control spending and overreaching regulations.”

Jeremy Munson later filed for candidacy, going back on his word to rally behind Finstad — going against the choice of his party and constituency. 


Jeff Ettinger reimagines CEO tenure at Hormel Foods Corp on campaign website:

“He’s the former CEO of Minnesota’s own Hormel Foods, where he and the team created thousands of good-paying jobs, expanded profit sharing for the company’s workers, and was named Most Responsible CEO of the year.”


While CEO, Jeff Ettinger’s company was sued for discriminating against women.

Hormel Foods Corp to Pay $550k Back Wages to 403 Female Applicant at Facility After US Labor Department Finds Hiring Discrimination

While CEO, Jeff Ettinger’s company was sued for overworking, underpaying, and neglecting the health of working class employees.

Hormel Food Corp Sued by Employees and Closes $200k Lawsuit after Repeated Violations of Wage and Hour Law

Hormel Foods Corp Subsidiary Forced to Pay nearly $700k Penalty for Violating EPA Regulations After 17 Workers Found Sick

Under Ettinger’s leadership at Hormel, workers developed a neurological disease because “a compressed-air device known as ‘the brain machine’ that was used to liquify hog brains to sell in South Korea and China—was spraying workers with what The New York Times described as a ‘mist of pig brain tissue.”

Jeff Ettinger Does Not Represent the Average Southern Minnesotan:

Jeff Ettinger made $9,570,125 in 2016. 

The median household income is $66,330. It would take the average Southern Minnesotan 144 years to make what Jeff Ettinger made in one.

Jeff Ettinger has a Long History of Voting for Democrats across the Country

Jeff Ettinger has donated over $15,000 to Democrats that continue to destroy Minnesota.

Jeff Ettinger will Vote on Liberal Policies that turn Minnesota into California

Jeff Ettinger owns and has owned properties across the country in liberal states such as California totaling almost $4,000,000. If he liked California so much, he should have stayed there.

Jeff Ettinger does not have stances on the issues outlined on his campaign website. 

Jeff has a history of changing political parties and stances on the issues, as seen on FEC reports.

Jeff Ettinger Hypocrisy

Jeff Ettinger states on his website that he “has worked for years to strengthen his community and for those who’ve been left out of our economy,” but was fined for discriminating against women as CEO of Hormel Foods Corp.

This is an independent expenditure prepared and paid for by the Republican Party of Minnesota. www.mngop.org.  It is not coordinated with or approved by any candidate nor is any candidate responsible for it.



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