Primary Election: Tuesday, August 9th
First day to vote early in person: Friday, June 24th
Last day to vote early in person: Monday, August 8th
General Election: Tuesday, November 8th
First day to vote early in person: Friday, September 23rd
Last day to vote early in person: Monday, November 7th

As a Minnesota native and veteran, Tyler Kistner has a proven track record of public service and leadership:

“Tyler Kistner is a native Minnesotan who grew up in the Champlin/Brooklyn Park area and graduated from the University of Minnesota. Right after college, he married his high school sweetheart Marie and they made an unconventional career decision – Tyler commissioned as an officer in the U.S. Marine Corps to serve his country (campaign website).”

”After 9 years of active duty, Tyler transitioned to the Marine reserves so that he and Marie could move back home to Minnesota (campaign website).”

”Like so many Minnesotans, Tyler is concerned about the direction of America and its future, not only for our generation but for our children and future generations of America. He believes Congress would be a whole lot more functional if every representative viewed their job as service, not a status. And that’s why he’s running for Congress – to serve Minnesota’s 2nd District for America’s future (campaign website)”





Kistner is Pro-Parent and Pro-Student

“I am completely in favor of all types of school options – public, voucher, charter, parochial, private, and others. Every parent should have the choice to send their children to any school they so choose.”

Kistner is Pro-Public Safety

“The “defund the police” movement has made America more dangerous and our communities less safe for families. Congress must work with state officials to support local law enforcement while we work to improve policing policies.”

Kistner is Pro-Infrastructure

“It’s the federal government’s responsibility to establish critical infrastructure across the country to enable economic growth and prosperity…but infrastructure means roads and bridges and railways, not the Democrat’s $3 trillion infrastructure bill that includes federal child care, electric car rebates and tax increases.”

Kistner is Pro-Free Trade and Pro-America

“Greater access and fair trade in the globalized economy will continue to progress our economy and create more jobs and prosperity for our nation. We need to look at creating new trade agreements with regional partners while reforming the current ones we have with others. We also need to protect the nation and our businesses from corrupt foreign government practices which hurt our economy while strengthening theirs.” 

Kistner is Pro-2nd Amendment

“I am 100% pro-2nd Amendment. I firmly believe the Founding Fathers implemented the 2nd Amendment most importantly for self-protection. We live in a big hunting & fishing state, and we love embracing our state’s heritage, but the purpose of the 2nd Amendment is to protect the rest of the Constitution. It’s not about hunting or even self-defense. It’s a constitutional right. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. The problem with gun-restriction laws is that they make it harder for average law-abiding citizens to own guns while doing nothing to hinder criminals from buying guns on the streets or on the black market. We don’t need more gun-control in America, we need gun-education and stronger mental health awareness.”

Kistner is pro-Minnesotan

“We need to open up government control of our economy and ensure our small business owners and entrepreneurs receive the opportunity they need to grow their businesses and thrive. We need to serve our hardworking everyday Americans, with an economy that grows while cost of living and gas prices don’t.” 

Angie Craig falls short on promise to put serving the people of Minnesota’s Second Congressional District above all else.

“I never planned for a career in politics — but I did want to serve my community, and maybe change how Washington works a little in the process. Now that I’ve seen how things usually happen out in Washington, I’m determined to fight for change that prioritizes the voices of my constituents over special interests (campaign website).” 

In reality, Angie Craig has put Washington D.C. Progressives above her constituents..

Minnesota experienced it’s most deadly summer in a generation due to the lack of law enforcement, yet Angie Craig refused to campaign against Defunding the Police.

Instead of representing the interests of her constituency, she supported the movement behind their backs:

Angie Craig flew to California to support fundraiser that financially backed “Defund the Police.”

Angie Craig campaigned on changing Washington by taking dark money out of politics… while being funded by dark money.

Angie Craig’s campaign funded by Dark Money Fund that poured $141 million into Democrat races in a single cycle.

Angie Craig only attends Congressional Sessions when it’s convenient.

Angie Craig votes by proxy due to “ongoing Public Health Emergency,” only to later attend an event with President Joe Biden.

Angie Craig votes by proxy, AGAIN, due to “ongoing Public Health Emergency,” only to later attend NBA game.

Angie Craig says she wants to ban lawmakers from flying first class…

Please pay no attention to all of these photos of her flying first class using tax dollars.

Angie Craig refuses to denounce progressive colleagues anti-Semetic remarks.

Angie Craig silent on request for comment on colleagues statement comparing the United States with Hamas and the Taliban.

Angie Craig’s sells out her district for Progressive PAC money.

Angie Craig accepted large donation from ultra-progressive PAC founded by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.

The PAC’s priority is to “build a progressive majority in Congress…” by advocating for “radical policies like tax rates of up to 70%; measures to eliminate all fossil fuel-based power from agriculture, manufacturing, and transportation; and repeated calls to defund the police (link).

Angie Craig has a long history of contributing financially to Minnesota Democrat’s that have and continue to destroy Minnesota.

Angie Craig on Law Enforcement & Crime: “Fund Counselors, not Cops”

Angie Craig believes that the crime waves across Minnesota are a result of inaccessible counseling, not a lack of law enforcement.

See Headline from Minnesota’s Star Tribune:

A Surge in Gunshots in Some Areas Have Put the City on Pace for it’s most Violent Year in a Generation

Angie Craig on the Economy, Government Spending, and Inflation

Inflation soared 8.5% in March compared to last year, marking the biggest spike since December 1981.

Paychecks have decreased 2.7% since last year.

This is a direct result of Angie Craig’s reckless spending sprees.

Angie Craig voted to raise the tax on natural gas.

Angie Craig has voted to raise the Gas Tax, all while Minnesotan’s are experiencing record-high gas prices.

Angie Craig co-sponsored the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, which also would continue raise gas prices even higher 

This is an independent expenditure prepared and paid for by the Republican Party of Minnesota.  It is not coordinated with or approved by any candidate nor is any candidate responsible for it.



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