The continued strength of our republic rests on the ability of citizens to carry out their constitutional right to vote. Free and fair elections require that citizens have confidence in the electoral system. Because of this, the Republican Party of Minnesota seeks to ensure that all elections are conducted openly and with integrity.

For elections to work, voters must be confident that their vote is counted. Without confidence in our elections, Minnesotans lose interest in participating in the political process. Ensuring the integrity of elections is a major priority for the Republican Party of Minnesota. Some integrity measures must be pursued through legislation, like cleaning up the voter rolls or implementing voter identification, but others, like volunteering as an election judge at your local polling place, can be accomplished when you volunteer your time.

Election judges are temporary, paid employees of local election officials trained to handle all aspects of voting at the polling place. Election judges represent one of the major political parties in the state. If we do not have enough Republicans willing to serve as election judges, then polling places may only have unaffiliated or Democrat election judges to conduct the elections.

The official Republican Party election judge lists have been sent to the Secretary of State and the County election officials. If you are interested in being an election judge, please contact your local election official (whether that is your county election office or city/township election office).

Poll challengers serve as appointees of the Republican Party of Minnesota and have the ability to make a challenge of voters when they have personal knowledge that someone is ineligible to vote.

Should you be interested in serving as either a Republican Election Judge or Poll Challenger please CLICK HERE and fill out this form to help us Protect the Vote! 

If you would like to volunteer with the Republican Party of Minnesota in a different capacity please use the form below.



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