Primary Election: Tuesday, August 9th
First day to vote early in person: Friday, June 24th
Last day to vote early in person: Monday, August 8th
General Election: Tuesday, November 8th
First day to vote early in person: Friday, September 23rd
Last day to vote early in person: Monday, November 7th

Scott Jensen is a True Minnesotan, Born and Raised. Read what inspired him to run for governor of Minnesota.

“Born and raised in Sleepy Eye, Minnesota, Dr. Scott Jensen graduated valedictorian of his 1973 high school class. He attended the University of Minnesota obtaining an undergraduate degree in physiology, magna cum laude, and then attended Luther Theological Seminary seeking answers to life‘s biggest questions.

After Dr. Jensen completed his residency at Bethesda Hospital he opened his own medical practice, anchored in Watertown, with an office in his new hometown of Chaska.

Concerned about the direction of local schools, Dr. Jensen campaigned for and was elected to a seat on the Waconia School Board. He served from 1993 to 2002 where he was known for asking tough questions and driving improvement in performance. He put the students first in every decision he made.

In 2017, Dr. Jensen took his maverick spirit to the Minnesota Senate. In 2019 Senator Jensen authored and presented seven Bills on the senate floor, including a groundbreaking Pharmacy Benefit Manager Bill. Leading from the front, the political outsider built consensus and all seven Bills were passed by the Senate with bi-partisan support.

The Covid pandemic has pushed Dr. Jensen into the international spotlight. He has appeared on top rated shows and often been a lone voice calling for the measurement of the impact of government imposed draconian measures versus the impact of the virus. Scott has been a voice for the voiceless – tirelessly demanding peer review and updating of government models as facts emerged, transparency in the completion of death certificates, and recognition and calls to balance and measure the effects of lockdowns and closures.” (campaign website)


Scott Jensen Supports Law Enforcement and Public Safety

Scott Jensen has a Multi-Point Plan to Address the Crime Wave Caused by Tim Walz and the Democrat’s Lack of Leadership. 

Scott Jensens Plan is Practical, Obtainable, and Solution-Oriented.

Scott Jensen Understands the Economic Toll of High Gas Prices

Scott Jensen has created a plan to slash gas prices in Minnesota by up to 71 cents a gallon if elected.

This would be accomplished by repealing statutes that fix the price of gas as well as suspending the Minnesota gas tax. 

Scott Jensen Recognizes the Undue Burden of High Taxes 

“Minnesotans are some of the most over-taxed people in America. We are losing businesses and Minnesotans are flocking to other states due to our high tax structure.” 

“Tim Walz wants to play politics and threatens to take more of our hard-earned money even when the budget forecast calls for a surplus. The Federal government under President Biden is on a reckless spending binge making it more important to reel in our State’s spending.”

“It starts with shrinking the government and not answering every question with another government agency or program. We know Minnesotans want to invest in themselves and their families and not in the vast bureaucracy that years of Democratic leadership have given us. More government is not the answer; it is the problem.” 

In response to high taxation Scott Jensen has a plan…

Scott Jensen Proposes Tax Cuts Including the Elimination of the Minnesota State Income Tax. 

Scott Jensen will Fight for Students and Parents in Education 

Scott Jensen believes that education is essential and that funding should follow students, not schools. Parents should have the right to send their kids to the best schools available through school choice. 

“Education is not a political payoff. Tim Walz has been beholden to bureaucrats who’ve harmed our children. We need to fund our KIDS, not failed institutions. We must give parents and families the ability to pick the best school for their kids. Bureaucratic waste and burdensome administrative costs have put our students last. Minnesota on average spends nearly $13,000 per pupil. It’s more than that in our urban core. We do not have the results to show for it. We must uplift our kids in public school and empower parents with the finances to make a CHOICE for their kids. We also must empower PARENTS in curriculum and school decision-making. Parental RIGHTS MATTER!” 

Scott Jensen Opposes Unilateral Lockdowns 

Governor Walz used faulty modeling of the pandemic to shut down businesses, devastating jobs and incomes. 14 days to flatten the curve turned into one-man rule for over a year. Governor Walz turned a temporary policy into an economic crisis for our State.” 

Scott Jensen Strongly Supports the Second Amendment

“Dr. Jensen believes in the constitutional right of every law-abiding citizen to protect themselves and their family. Scott sides with the Constitution, and our right to defend ourselves.”

Scott Jensen is Fiercely pro-life

“Scott is a doctor who has delivered hundreds of babies, he is a witness to miracles over and over again. He believes in the sanctity of human life, from conception to natural death. While not every child is born into ideal circumstances, every life matters. His Christian faith compels him to fight for the least among us and that starts with unborn children. Extremists who argue for late-term or partial-birth abortion do not represent Minnesota values. The family is the backbone of civilization, and its values shape our nation’s values.”

Scott Jensen is an Advocate of Affordable Healthcare 

Single-payer healthcare will not solve the health care problems in Minnesota and will damage patient-doctor relationships. It will foster apathy, increase low-value services utilization, undermine commitment to service, compromise quality of care, increase waiting time, and reduce provider career satisfaction.” 

“Dr. Jensen worked diligently during his Senate term to introduce competition into the healthcare field by allowing for-profit insurance companies to operate in Minnesota, increasing pricing transparency in clinics and hospitals, and requiring pharmacy benefit managers to eliminate contractual gag clauses. Our current structure includes a public-private partnership which works well in some ways but poorly in others. Adopting a single-payer system would diminish individual Health Freedom, expand government intrusion, reduce system accountability, and erode patient empowerment. Dr. Jensen strongly opposes single payer healthcare for Minnesota.” 

Scott Jensen Believes in Restoring Election Integrity

We need to have faith in our elections and their outcomes. Our State leaders had months to determine a path to hold an election in a pandemic. Our State Constitution demands that the legislature be the only body to change election rules and laws. Democrats Tim Walz, Keith Ellison and Steve Simon ignored the State’s Constitution and unilaterally changed how we held our election in 2020. They did this by taking advantage of the Governor’s emergency powers while there was ample time to seek a bipartisan and legal solution. Backroom deals and emergency powers should not have been used to change election laws.”

Scott Jensen Recognizes that it is Time for Some Changes when it Comes to Cannabis 

As a medical professional Dr. Scott Jensen has seen the benefit of medical cannabis. Our State has had a program since 2015 and Dr. Jensen fully supports it. As Governor he will be an advocate to increase the number of distribution centers, easing restrictions on the ability to prescribe and allowing more providers to better serve the pain management needs in our state.”

“Beyond the benefits of medical marijuana, Dr. Scott Jensen believes it is time for expungement for prior convictions of small amounts of marijuana. Individuals with past criminal convictions can face difficulty acquiring and maintaining employment, attending college, and engaging in other activities. In some cases, this hardship can lead to other crimes and recidivism. Dr. Jensen believes it is time to end the cycle and expunge these minor infractions that cause greater harm than good.” 

Governor Tim Walz: Master of Deception.

As governor of Minnesota Tim Walz has relied on a charming smile and perception as a “nice” Midwestern guy to govern unilaterally while neglecting his duties without major repercussions.

Tim Walz Thinks He’s Done a Great Job

“as governor during an unprecedented global crisis, Tim’s decisive actions saved lives, made Minnesota’s COVID-19 response a national model, and put our state on the path to recovery.”

Tim Walzs’s actions saved lives? The facts tell a different story…

Governor Walz Ordered Covid-Positive Patients Back Into Nursing Homes With Devistating Effects. 

How bad were the effects?

A month later, half the Covid deaths in the state were in nursing homes.

Walz said that his decision “was not a mistake” and even now sees no problem with his decision that killed thousands…

Governor Walz has the Audacity to call his Covid Response an “Accomplishment.”

This isn’t leadership.

Governor Walz tried to deflect blame on covid deaths with hopes that the people of Minnesota will forget what he did come Election Day.

Governor Walz Cannot be Trusted with Public Safety

As crime skyrockets across Minnesota Governor Walz has sided with criminals.

Governor Tim Walz’s Sentencing Commission seeks to Lower Sentences for Violent and Non-Violent Felons.


Minneapolis Nears Record Homicide Count for 2021

Minneapolis Reaches Record Number of Carjackings in 2021

Crime Spills into Dozens of Twin Cities Suburbs

Don’t Forget the Week-Long Riots that Happened in 2020

When riots erupted, engulfing Minneapolis in flames… Walz was slow to act.

On May 26, 2020 Riots Erupt and Leave the Minneapolis Police Department 3rd Precint Damaged

MPR Reporter Jon Collins Calls the Aftermath “Unbelievable Devastation

Day 2: No Action from Governor Tim Walz

After Two Brutal Nights of Rioting and Destruction Walz Activates the National Guard on May 28.

Walz’s Action Came Too Late…

The Night of May 28 Rioters Burned and Stormed the Minneapolis Police Departement’s 3rd Precint Causing Officers to Retreat and Creating More Unrest

Walz’s Incompetence Emboldens Criminals Nationwide

Walz’s Lack of Action Shows the World that Democrats Won’t Take Rioters Seriously and Riots Erupt Nationwide

Walz’s Governing: too little, too late.

Governor Walz’s May 29, 2020 Curfew Order

The National Guard activated too late has no effect on looting and violence, MPD 5th Precinct in danger of being overrun.

Law Enforcement Presence Finally Catches up to Rioters and May, 30 Marks the Last Night of Widespread, Wanton, Looting and Destruction

Riots Caused $500 Million in Damage to the Twin Cities, Walz Could have Acted Sooner.

Governor Walz Neglected His Duty to the People of Minnesota 

Article 5, Section 3, Minnesota Constitution, “Powers and Duties of Governor.”

The governor of Minnesota, “is commander-in-chief of the military and naval forces and may call them out to execute the laws, suppress insurrection and repel invasion…”

… the Governor “shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed.”

Taxes and Overspending 

Governor Walz is not afraid to overtax Minnesotans. 

Minnesota’s Surplus, Driven by Taxation, for 2022 is Now Over $9 Billion

Walz Touts Surplus as a Win for Minnesota.

The surplus may be a political win for Walz but it is not a win for Minnesotans who have less money in their pockets compared to previous years.

As Recently as 2021 Walz Proposed Tax Hikes

Taxes included a Vapor Tax and an increased Cigarette Tax of an extra $1 per pack, which would add to an already hotly inflated economy.

Minnesota ranks 45th in corporate income tax…

Tim Walz Proposed Raising the Minnesota Corporate Tax

Minnesotans are hurting and Walz doesn’t care unless there is an election around the corner. 

In February, With the Election Looming and Unhappy Minnesotans, Walz Proposed Buying Votes Through “Walz Checks”

This is Not the First Time Walz has Used Taxpayer Dollars to Bribe Minnesotans

Twice Walz offered cash prizes for Minnesotans who got vaccinated. 

Walz Offers $100 Visa Gift Cards to Any Eligible Minnesotan Who Receives a Full Covid-19 Vaccination Schedule

Walz Offers $200 Visa Gift Cards and Five Drawings for $100,000 College Scholarships to Children Ages 5-17 Who Receive a Full Set of Covid Vaccinations

Governor Walz Failed on Covid

Governor Walz threatened Minnesotans to comply with his executive orders.

After “Urging Voluntary Compliance” Governor Walz Threatened a $1000 Fine or 90 Days in Jail to Anyone Who Violated His Stay-At-Home Order

In November 2020 He Threatened the Same Penalties for Those Who Wished to Celebrate Thanksgiving With Any Persons Outside Their Household

Tim Walz banned time-honored holiday traditions in his quest for power. 

Tim Walz shuttered businesses.

When Walz Restricted Bar and Restaurant Service He Ruined Lives, Destroyed Jobs, and Wrecked Businesses

Tim Walz has Hurt Minnesota’s Economy

By October 2020, 38 Minnesota Restaurants had Closed Their Doors for Good

It is Estimated That as of April 2021, 26% of Minnesota Businesses were Still Not Operational

The impacts were as bad if not worse for jobs. 

During the Pandemic over 125,735 Food Service Industry Jobs Were Lost as a Result of Business Closures, Lockdowns, and Other Regulations

Governor Walz’s Energy Policy is Bad for Minnesotans

While Minnesotans are struggling to pay for the rising cost of gas, Walz has long been an advocate of raising the Minnesota Gas Tax.

Governor Walz Proposed Raising the Gas Tax by 20 Cents Which Would Have Had Minnesotans Paying Over $5 a Gallon Statewide

Tim Walz is Radically Pro-Abortion 

In a nation that doesn’t recognize the right to an abortion, Tim Walz stands by those wishing to kill unborn human beings.

“Pregnant People” should always have the right to choose what happens to their body.

How radical is Walz?

Tim Walz is too radical for Nancy Pelosi…

He Once Bragged About His Time in Congress, “My Record is So Pro-Choice… Nancy Pelosi Asked Me if I Should Tone it Down”

Walz Signed A Letter to Congress Asking them to Protect Access to Abortion

He “accidentally” voted for H.R. 4217 which required that babies born alive during an abortion be cared for as any other newborn would…

Governor Tim Walz Apologized for Voting to Treat Babies Like Humans and Changed his Vote

He co-sponsored H.R. 1322, a radical pro-abortion bill.

H.R. 1322 Would Remove Informed Consent for Women Seeking Abortion, and Remove Protections for Unborn Children Late in Pregnancy, Among Other Things

Governor Walz Doesn’t Care About Election Integrity

Governor Walz allowed his Secretary of State to proceed with illegal election changes.

A Federal Appeals Court Found Secretary Simon’s Actions to be Illegal

Walz, Secretary of State Simon, and Attorney General Ellison all promoted or allowed an illegal election change to happen.

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