Minnesota GOP on Today’s State Supreme Court Hearing Arguments in MVA v. Ramsey et al.

Edina, MN – Today the Minnesota Supreme Court will hear arguments in Minnesota Voters Alliance, et al. v. County of Ramsey, et al. The Republican Party of Minnesota, a co-plaintiff in this case, is working to ensure that counties are following state law with respect to the appointing of election judges and the membership of absentee ballot boards.

“This case is about ensuring that county and local governments are following the law with respect to election judges and absentee ballot boards. State law clearly provides for our major political parties – both Republicans and Democrats – to help recruit and staff election judges for polling places and absentee ballot boards. The local governments in this case chose not to follow these provisions in our state law, and we are asking the court to put a stop to that. We hope the Court will see the merits of this case and tell local governments to follow the law with respect to election administration.” – Republican Party of Minnesota Chairman David Hann

The implications of the outcome of this case will affect election administration throughout Minnesota. The Minnesota Supreme Court has scheduled arguments for Jan. 4, 2022. Those interested in attending arguments in person or viewing online can access more information from the Minnesota Supreme Court’s website here.

“This case is an important step for election protection in Minnesota and I appreciate Chairman Hann’s leadership on this issue. Recruiting everyday Minnesotans to serve as election judges is vital to the system of checks and balances of our representative government. Minnesota Republicans will continue to work hard to protect the role of our fellow citizens to participate in our electoral process – and recruiting election judges will be a key piece of these efforts.” – Republican Party of Minnesota Deputy Chair Donna Bergstrom

Minnesotans interested in signing up to serve as an election judge can learn more online here at mngop.com/election-protection/.

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