MINNEAPOLIS, MN  Republican Party of Minnesota Chairman David Hann issued the following statement about the International Marxist Tendency hosting a Marxist School in Minneapolis this weekend with the invitation to “Join the Communists!”: 

“The consequences of unchecked socialism and communism are real. We must take action to prevent its spread by accepting the fact that the presence is coming into our own backyards.

In the last election, three candidates aligned with the Democratic Socialists Party were elected to the Minneapolis City Council. They now represent 25% of the council. Additionally, all six of the candidates endorsed by Twin Cities Democratic Socialists of America — including four state lawmakers — won their races. The results effectively doubled the size of the DSA-aligned caucus at the state Legislature. One member won a House leadership post last week.

We are at a critical juncture in history where the battle between freedom and totalitarianism rages on. It is not enough for us to simply hope for a better future; we must actively work to defend the principles that make our society prosperous and just.”

Topics this weekend will include the German Revolution of 1923, imperialism, and the Theory of Permanent Revolution. IMT’s broader agenda champions a 20-hour work week, a weekly pay of $1,250, 10% fixed rent, universal health care, and an end to border security. More information can be found at https://socialistrevolution.org/join/

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