For Immediate Release: January 25, 2024

Contact: Anna Mathews [email protected]

Minneapolis, MN – Republican Party of Minnesota Chairman David Hann issued the following statement in response to what has been deemed President Joe Biden’s “Bankrupting America” Tour Stop In Wisconsin:

“As Biden showcases his economic policies in Wisconsin, it’s crucial to highlight the real impact of these policies on ordinary midwesterners,” stated Hann. “In Minnesota, as in Wisconsin, families and businesses are enduring the harsh consequences of what we term ‘Bidenomics.’ With inflation soaring and economic growth stalling, the burden on families living paycheck to paycheck has become increasingly heavy.

It’s evident that the Biden Administration’s approach is not resonating with hard-working midwesterners. Just yesterday, it was reported that Minnesota hit a new record for food shelf visits, a clear indicator of the economic struggles many Minnesotans face. While the efforts of local organizations are greatly appreciated, more effective federal economic policies are needed to prevent crises like this one. If Biden truly cared about midwesterners, he would promote policies that support economic growth, address inflation, and help alleviate the financial pressures on families.”

And as if being out of touch economically and financially is not bad enough, the White House made matters worse by demonstrating that Biden is completely out of touch with the Midwest when they put out a media advisory stating that the president would be available for questions after he landed in “Duluth, Wisconsin.”