Primary Election: Tuesday, August 9th
First day to vote early in person: Friday, June 24th
Last day to vote early in person: Monday, August 8th
General Election: Tuesday, November 8th
First day to vote early in person: Friday, September 23rd
Last day to vote early in person: Monday, November 7th

There is no better Attorney to represent Minnesota than Jim Schultz.

“A native of small-town South Haven, Minnesota, Jim Schultz is a fifth-generation Minnesotan who graduated from Annandale High School. Jim went to the University of St. Thomas for college, spending his first two years there in seminary. He then graduated from Harvard Law School, where he earned the Dean’s Scholar prize in constitutional law (campaign website).”

Jim Schultz is committed to ensuring Public Safety in Minnesota.

“Jim’s commitment to public safety and appreciation for law enforcement began in his small town where everyone knew the police chief and saw firsthand the critical work the city’s first responders did for the community. In law school, Jim participated in an honors program within the legal department of the Department of Defense at the Pentagon in Washington, DC, working on issues related to the conduct of the armed forces. After graduating from law school, Jim  moved back to the Midwest to begin his career as an attorney in the private sector. He has worked for two prominent law firms, including Dorsey & Whitney in Minneapolis, and as in-house counsel for a Minnesota company. He specializes in business, regulatory, and compliance law (campaign website).”

Jim Schultz understands the sacrifices made by First Responders to serve and protect the people of Minnesota.

“Jim currently serves on the board of The Front Line Foundation, a nonprofit supporting police and other first responders. His work with The Front Line Foundation includes programs to provide financial assistance to the families of police officers who have fallen in the line of duty. Jim has previously served on the Hennepin County Capital Budget task force as the appointee of Hennepin County Commissioner Jeff Johnson. Jim and his family are members of Holy Family Catholic Church in St. Louis Park (campaign website).”

Jim Schultz is Pro-Public Safety 

“Ensure safe and secure communities by prioritizing public safety, supporting and funding the police, and prosecuting criminals.”

Jim Schultz is Pro-Economic Prosperity 

“Protect entrepreneurs and small businesses from government overreach and big tech monopolies.”

Jim Schultz is Pro-Defending the Constitution

“Safeguard the constitutional rights of every Minnesotan.”

Jim Schultz is Pro-Secure Elections 

“Restore trust in the integrity of our electoral system by ensuring secure elections and prosecuting election law violations.”

Jim Schultz is Pro-Consumer Protection

“Defend Minnesotans from fraud, protect seniors and nursing home residents, and combat the scourge of individuals and businesses who try to take advantage of our citizens.”

Keith Ellison is a strong supporter of ANTIFA.

“Ellison, the deputy chairman of the Democratic National Committee, posted a photo on Twitter Wednesday of himself posing with the book “Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook.” The book calls violence during counter-protests “a small though vital sliver of anti-fascist activity.”

Keith Ellison’s family are also supporters of ANTIFA.

Keith Ellison Posted a Picture of Himself Holding and Praising ANTIFA Manifesto.

Keith Ellison is an Alleged Domestic Abuser

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison Accused Of Domestic Abuse By Former Girlfriend

Keith Ellison Uses Power as Elected Official to Make Domestic Violence Case Disappear

The Minneapolis Police Department Refused to Investigate the Case Due to a “Conflict of Interest.”

Keith Ellison’s Priorities are Backwards

While Minnesota Suffered from an Unprecedented Spike in Crime, Ellison was Busy Prosecuting Business Owners for Trying to Save Their Businesses

Ellison Filed a Restraining Order Against a Lakeville Bar for Staying Open During Covid

Ellison Settles Lawsuits with 2 More Minnesota Restaurants over COVID Shutdown Violations

In response, Keith Ellison said that he is, “pleased that these businesses finally chose to take responsibility for their actions.


Rioters were being let out on bail by the Minnesota Freedom Fund and Ellison was nowhere to be found.

Minnesota Freedom Fund responds after bailing out man who was arrested days later for murder.

Bailed out of jail by Minnesota Freedom Fund, man charged with attacking a woman is re-arrested for exposing himself to kids three days after release.

(FOX 9) – The Hennepin County Attorney’s Office publicly called out the Minnesota Freedom Fund for bailing out a man it charged with three new felonies Thursday.

Bail fund backed by Keith Ellison freed Minneapolis man charged with murder.

Will Keith Ellison take responsibility for his actions in allowing crime to run rampant throughout Minnesota?

Despite record-high crime levels in Minnesota, Keith Ellison attempts to gaslight Minnesotans in his campaign for re-election.

On his website, Keith Ellison claims his office is responsible for curbing gun-violence… 

Does he think people aren’t paying attention?

Crime spills into dozens of Minneapolis suburbs, sparking fear among residents.

The reality is, Minneapolis experienced it’s most Deadly Summer in a generation.

US crime rise draws fears of ‘bloody summer:’ a surge in gunshots in some areas have put the city on pace for its most violent year in a generation.

In 2020 75% of Murders Were Committed With Guns, in 2019 That Number Was 69%

Will Keith Ellison take responsibility for this?

Keith Ellison encourages the perpetrators of heinous crimes across the state. 

Ellison Says that Police Shouldn’t Respond to Rape Victims’ Calls 

Criminals know that Keith Ellison is not interested in stopping crime. 

Keith Ellison turns blind-eye to the MN DFL’s coordinated attack on Minnesota’s election integrity.

Keith Ellison Stood By and Let Fellow Democrat Secretary of State Steve Simon Make Illegal Election Changes in 2020.

Keith Ellison is Pro-Abortion

Keith Ellison Says He Won’t Prosecute Women Who Come to Minnesota Exclusively to Get an Abortion if the Supreme Court Overturns Roe. Wade.

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