You can find information on how to request a Certificate of Insurance for a local party event at this link. 

BPOU / County Fair Packet

We have prepared some documents to be used at local party unit events and parades. These items can be printed.

When registering New Voters please make sure to follow the instructions on the “volunteer guide” document. 

If you collect signatures on the issue petitions, make sure to return them to the MNGOP Political department after your event. 

Here is a list of the files contained in the BPOU / County Fair Packet:

  • Contains New Voter Registration forms in multiple languages
  • Volunteer instructions for Registering Voters
  • Hi Res MNGOP Logo
  • Statement of Principles handouts (3 versions)
  • Various Issue Petitions

To download a folder containing the files click here.

  • This is a compressed folder that your computer should unzip when you try to open it.
  • For non Mac users: Ignore the file that starts with “MAXOS…”.
  • Instead open the folder named “BPOU-County_Fair_Packet_Folder”.
  • A file named “.DS_Store” may appear in the folder for PC after you unzip it, but it is not a usable file so ignore it. 

If you have suggestions for other forms or files, please share them with us. 



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